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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 5, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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charles: the home cooking is going to smell very good. >> charles real quick. what happens if it's a trump-cruz tickets, they're going to get together. charles: i've got to cut you off. we're going to introduce you to lou dobbs, the best election coverage starts right now. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. it's 7:00 on the east coast, 6:00 in wisconsin where polls closed in just two hours. it's a battle between two candidates who learned not to like each other, front-runner donald trump and senator ted cruz locked up in a tough fight for votes. cruz looking for first primary victory in a month and trump would cement his path to the republican nomination. >> you can have a big surprise tonight, folks, big surprise. >> you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee. if you don't want to see hillary clinton as the next
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president, i ask you to come out tomorrow and vote for me. lou: we have the best election coverage for you tonight right here. among our guests, former white house reagan political director ed rollins, pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the "new york post," michael goodwin and trump's campaign senior adviser barry bennett and rebecca kleefisch. republican presidential candidates competing for 42 delegates in wisconsin. 18 winner take all. the remaining 24 allocated to the winner of the state's eight congressional districts. tonight's primary battle could have a dramatic impact on trump who's hoping to reach the magic number of 1237 delegates before the summer's party convention. cruz leading most wisconsin polls is hoping his superior ground game will, will be victorious. fox senior national correspondent john roberts in
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milwaukee tonight with our report. >> let's take a picture first. >> okay. >> reporter: a state that once seemed like his to lose. today donald trump was working hard until the last-minute to ensure that doesn't happen. >> i think we're going to do really well. the people of wisconsin are amazing. they want to see strong borders, want their jobs to stay here. >> i'm part of ted cruz campaign, how are you today? >> reporter: trump's chief rival ted cruz ascended a powerful operation with the backing of scott walkers' formidable political machine. cruz warned the party if it comes down to a contested convention, it must be between him and trump. full stop. >> this fevered pipe dream of washington that, at the convention, they will parachute in some white knight who will save the washington establishment, it is nothing less than a pipe dream. it ain't going to happen.
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if it did, the people would quite rightly revolt. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich continues to insist he will be front and center in july. >> let's let it all play out. they won't be successful and i think they're becoming hysterical actually. there is a little hysteria catching on there. >> reporter: amid complaints he is long on rhetoric, short on plan, trump revealed how he would get mexico to pay for a border wall. he would suspend money transfers to families back home unless the mexican government ponied up. >> the wall is a fraction of the money in different ways that mexico takes in from the united states. the wall is a fraction. you're talking about a $10 billion wall. talking about a trade deficit with mexico, 58 billion dollars. >> reporter: and confusion on the wisconsin ballots, an option to choose, quote, uninstructed delegation. that's for people who can't
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make up their minds and want delegates to go to the convention not representing a specific candidate. in essence, it would let the party choose, which candidate the delegates would back. state officials told me that provision has been on the books for a number of years, more than a decade, lou, but because of the extraordinarily contentious nature of this year's primary is getting a little more attention than it has in primaries past. lou? lou: at least they're looking to the voters for a blank check. that's got to be progress. [ laughter ] >> john, thanks so much. john robert, thanks so much. busy night, thanks so much. on the democratic side, 96 delegates are up for grabs and awarded proportionally. senator bernie sanders has an inherent advantage. wisconsin democrats are liberal, predominantly white, and there are huge populations of college students and union workers. clinton aides have also lowering expectations about
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their candidate's performance tonight, and hillary clinton herself has been desperately trying to dismiss her e-mail scandal. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> the fella from new york, i wish he'd get out of one of his towers and walk the streets and spend time with the people. straddling prejudice and paranoia is not the new york way. >> reporter: hillary clinton's fund-raising camp fired off two memos saying they're likely to lose wisconsin to bernie sanders adding this nomination isn't lock up yet and keep fighting for every vote if we want to see hillary clinton in the white house. clinton's plea for money has grown urgent. sanders outraised her by nearly 15 million in march. 44 million raised by sanders to 29.5 by clinton. >> it is a beautiful day, we are hoping in wisconsin there will be a record-breaking turnout if people come out to
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vote in large numbers, i think we're going to do very, very well, and that's what we'll do. >> reporter: clinton used the friendly venue of abc's the view to point out she doesn't just have a big delegate lead. >> we won some, he's won some, i have 2 1/2 million more votes than he does. >> reporter: she went further than just saying she did nothing illegal. >> will you ever put it behind you? >> i'm sure i will, there is nothing to it, so i'm going to be very, very open as i have been since last summer, i think last august i said any time you want to talk to me, here i am. nothing inappropriate was done. >> reporter: a decision from the fbi may not come as quickly as expected with fbi director james comey saying he's under no pressure to finish before the democratic convention in july saying the urgency is to do it well and promptly and well comes first. the status of that investigation may come up again at the next debate at brooklyn
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naval yard on april 14th, a deal sealed late monday. sanders had self-inflicted wounds of his own that could hurt him in the debate including editorial board meeting with the "new york daily news" where he declared israel must improve relationship with the palestinians and a loss to explain what the israelis should do differently saying -- tonight, clinton will not even be doing the traditional primary night speech. instead, she's fund-raising here in new york, a sign she clearly has other priorities. lou? lou: ed, thank you. ed henry. breaking news now, new exit poll information out of wisconsin, showing what the voters are thinking as they go into the polls. fox business reporter jo ling kent at the virtual studio. good evening, jo, what have you got for us. >> reporter: good evening, lou.
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late deciders and how they're breaking right now in the crucial wisconsin primary on the republican side. take a look here, you can see 38% for cruz, 36% for trump, and what we're seeing is even split among the late deciders, perhaps trump getting a little boost here but no indication whether the comments he's made about women are moving the needle. meanwhile, looking at independent voters in the wisconsin primary. 43% of the voters are going to donald trump. 38% are going to cruz, and kasich with the 17% as the candidates call for him to drop out of the race, you can see 17% could have mace a difference there. we're looking at how wisconsin republican voters feel about the federal government right now? 53% are angry, dissatisfied. 32% are angry and 9% are actually satisfied with a very small 2% saying satisfied. we want to show you one more new early exit poll here. as for what wisconsin republicans prefer in their
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candidate or their eventual nominee? 46% prefer someone who has political experience while 48% it's a virtual tie, prefer someone who is a political outsider. we're breaking all of this data down and we'll have more coming up later in the hour. lou? lou: jo, thank you, an unusual split between the preferences. >> reporter: it is. lou: voters for experience versus an outsider. jo ling, thank you. we're coming right back. much more on this election day. stay with us. voting in wisconsin wrapping up, heavy turnout. both cruz and trump appear confident. >> if he wins wisconsin, the contest is over. if not, it's going to go on and the math becomes somewhat more difficult. lou: that's rogue speak for he thinks the math will be more difficult. we take it up with ed rollins and michael goodwin next. these drivers learning firsthand the importance of
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you know if you think of it, hi? marco did much better than him. many people did much better than him and got out. he's much more stubborn. i believe he hurts me more than others. lou: how about that? a stubborn guy running for office. joining us former reagan white house political director, republican strategist ed rollins from washington, d.c. tonight, pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the "washington post," michael goodwin, both fox news contributors and because you were kind enough to join me in new york city in the studio, michael. your thoughts watching trump play out, trump going after what is presumably the third place guy? >> i don't understand it as though this will explain if he doesn't do well. cruz, in all fairness, heys done the same thing blaming kasich, both have an alibi in case they lose, but doesn't make a lot of sense.
7:15 pm
kasich clearly is playing for some other game. he's not playing to win outright. he could be vp or maybe the contested convention turns to one lonely fellow. lou: the man is thrilled out of his mind about a quote, unquote broken, unbroken, contested convention, ed rollins, what is he thinking about? >> kasich is the governor of the state of ohio, he directs the state troopers. my sense is john is always basically listened to his own self. he wouldn't have been in congress if he listened to me 20 some odd years ago when he was the only democrat elected in 1982. he thinks he has an option. i really see this as a trump-cruz race. lou: that's what cruz says, ed. he says it as clear as it can be said.
7:16 pm
this is going to be between the two of them, cruz and trump, if donald trump doesn't get to 1237, it's assured, and no one else is going to play in the game, not paul ryan, none of the washington establishment gets a do-over who would be the party's nominee. do you think he's right? >> yes, first of all, two of the them combined, if they can sit down and have a conversation, they will have a majority of the delegates, overwhelming majority of the delegates. they can control what rules can be set in place, they will control the element and they can deal on procedural issues until they get on a point where it's a one-on-one race, and obviously, one of them is going to lose, and i don't know which one at this point in time. they control the game, and no third or fourth party or outside superman is going to jump into the thing. one is going to be the nominee of the party. i'm convinced of that.
7:17 pm
>> true, for cruz, positting himself as the anti-trump and who might control the anti-trump fervor kasich is another alternative because cruz is not so likable. in many ways, cruz has more desire to get kasich out because ultimately, he is a threat to the alternative. lou: but to ed's point, this is now a child's game they're playing. why not the two of them. they can bring to bear the greatest political power in the republican party. you can dismiss the koch brothers, the chamber of commerce, the paul ryans and reince riebuses. the two of them together make up a ticket. why not do it? >> trump stopped referring to him as lyin' ted, maybe they're beginning to warm up to each other. lou: to that point, irrespective how this comes out tonight. why not do it, sgled. >> no reason not to do it. going back to john kasich. you have to remember that
7:18 pm
rubio, out of the race, has more delegates than john does. john's not even campaigning today, he's in new york. the reality is, he's avoided a lot of the confrontation other than home state and to a certain extent, i can't figure his plan out. i think your premise here is if these two guys want to get this thing over, they can form a team at least to get them to the rules, get them to the platform, and whoever wins can make a choice of what support the other gives them. lou: what an amazing result it would be, with the 42 delegates up tonight. they can settle this deal. they've got the 1237 -- over the 1237, they control the show. they don't have to listen to the braying media, nasty messages from the rnc headquarters and the protestations of i have no ambition from paul ryan any longer. >> look, when you talk about
7:19 pm
the party divided it is primarily divided between trump and cruz, that would take up 80-90% of the republicans would support either one of them. together they might get that big chunk of republican votes. >> and, you know, ed, as we look at numbers, the party is so severely divided, as both you and michael have pointed out here, along the lines of support for trump or cruz by a vast margin. that would also give them a couple months early to start doing some healing and bringing people together. >> and both outsiders. even though cruz is obviously a u.s. senator, they have run as outsiders, tapped into the massive voters out there that are very unhappy with what's going on in washington. >> maybe they'll flip a coin to see which one is vp? [laughter] >> i'm just guessing that, as we fantasize and conjecture about their coming together, that might be one flip too far.
7:20 pm
ed rollins, michael goodwin, thank you very much. >> take care. lou: follow me on twitter -- links to everything found at that's right. new twitter handle@lou dobbs, thank you, twitter. new video of new jersey's windstorm being released tonight. 60-mile-an-hour winds blowing over trees and this one right into traffic in new jersey. there, a new jersey police officer captured the moment on dash cam along with the resulting crash. neither the driver nor the officer were injured in this accident, but i mean, this is incredible. look at that car get pitched. amazing. up next, president obama slamming donald trump, and his plan showing the president exactly how to have mexico pay for a border wall. what's his problem?
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>> the notion that we're going to track every western union bit of money sent to mexico. good luck with that. lou: you mean we're not tracking? well, anyway, trump campaign senior adviser barry bennett weighs in on that and much more. stay with us. i think we're tracking the terrorists and the cartel. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is,
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t. rowe price. invest with confidence. . lou: breaking news now, donald trump announcing he's holding a press conference friday in los angeles at the trump national golf club at noon pacific time. the "real clear politics poll"ing average shows trump with an eight point lead in california. california votes on june 7th. and trump outlining plan to make mexico pay for border wall. trump calling for mexico to pay up or he will cut off remittances to mexico. stopping a portion of the
7:26 pm
payments under the usa patriot act, the republican candidate adding he would allow the money transfers to continue if mexico making a one-time payment of $5-10 billion for the wall. joining us to talk about that senior trump campaign adviser, barry bennett. great to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. lou: about an hour and a half to the closing of polls in wisconsin. how do you expect to do in wisconsin? >> you know, i count delegates and i have never had any delegates on the wisconsin line in my office. hopefully we'll win some tonight, but our expectations are pretty low. lou: it's an interesting revelation what we're getting out of the exit polls. there are a striking number of citizens of wisconsin who are seemingly quite content with the way things are. there is less concern about being an outsider, outsider and candidate with experience running just about even in
7:27 pm
wisconsin. does that surprise you? >> yeah, it's not -- you won't find it anywhere else in america. i think it's because you've got a very good governor up there who knows how to work the machine, he's very good at it, and he's worked for hard at this. lou: and he's working very hard on behalf of donald trump's opponent, senator ted cruz. this is going to be quite something, we're anxious, everybody is anxious to see the polls close and see what we've got. i want to turn, if i may, to something that developed today. that is donald trump straightforwardly putting him before the "washington post," how he's going to pay for the wall. and i have to ask, what do you think? >> i thought it was amazing that president obama said how are you going to track all these payments? these western union payments? my god, we're not monitoring those. i think every drug dealer
7:28 pm
figured out how to pay for drugs now. lou: i had the same reaction, i had a similar reaction when president obama decided in the latter half of his last -- well, as we move into the last half of the last year in office, to do something about corporations fleeing america, and merging with overseas companies to get lower tax rates, abandoning america. he decided to do something about it months after donald trump has been on the campaign trail calling for precisely that? >> yeah, this is so simple to solve, isn't it? if you create an environment where business can thrive and bring foreign profits back here without double taxation, guess what? they'll all come here. when you have policies that literally encourage them to leave the country, that's what they do. typical washington. lou: typical washington and the typical washington establishment trying to preserve all of the benefits that mysteriously arrive right
7:29 pm
at their very door from congress and 1600 pennsylvania avenue. so going forward, donald trump's got a lot of trouble with women. what are you going to do about it? >> very much look forward to tonight to see if there's any difference between his support with women and men tonight. i think we'll -- the media might be wrong again. lou: the media? i'm sorry, barry, we have to conclude the interview right there. we can't entertain the possibility that we, the media, could be wrong. [ laughter ] >> it is a serious question, because he has struggled in that area in so many of the races. are you developing the strategy? do you have a strategy? >> you know, last week, several of the media described last week as the worst week ever, right? if you look at last monday on the reuters tracking poll, 39-33, trump-cruz. if week, after the worst week
7:30 pm
ever, it was 35-31. lou: you are so disciplined, i didn't ask that question but got the answer. we'll wait. i'm going to count on you the next time answering that question. good luck tonight. appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: barry bennett. we're coming right back, we've got a lot more. stay with us. front-runner donald trump has to win over women voters to clinch the nomination. >> i'm getting a very bad press with women. i think we're going to change it around. lou: what does the donald have to do to close the deal with women voters? to help him out monica crowley and tony sayages next. sometimes the sign means exactly what it says. we'll have the video for you next when "lou dobbs tonight" continues. stay with us. happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by
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. lou: breaking news now, polls set to close in wisconsin in less than an hour and a half. record turnout is expected. what we can tell what is happening, these are long lines in waukesha, wisconsin, it's waukesha county as well. on the left, jackson village, on the right, lots of folks turning out there. they're an hour behind us. so 6:34 there in waukesha, and folks doing their civic duty. and we have more exit poll information tonight showing what some of those voters are
7:35 pm
thinking as they leave the polls, and have made their choices. fox business reporter jo ling kent at our virtual studio. what have you got? >> reporter: good to see you. i'm looking at republican women voters in the wisconsin primary. take a look how they've been voting. 48% of women are going for cruz. 35 going for trump. you see that 13% differential, that's similar to what we've seen in earlier exit polls and earlier states in the primaries and caucuses. now the reason you should care about that is the recent comments trump made about women on abortion and other issues, doesn't seem to be moving the needle necessarily so far. look at moderates in the republican wisconsin race. 29% are going for kasich. no surprise there. and 27% going for cruz. flip over to the democratic side of the race. we know that hillary clinton
7:36 pm
has been favored with those who want experience, and bernie, of course, for those who want a trustworthy, more honest presidential candidate. but look at this. among wisconsin democrats, feelings about what clinton would do as president if elected to the white house, 55% are optimistic. now let's show you what bernie sanders, those who support him, what they say about this. again, 41% would be optimistic. the reason i'm showing you all of this is this is very different than the numbers on the republican side between cruz, kasich and trump. it's a very divided republican party in wisconsin. more moderate, less angry and very, very fractured, lou. we're watching how they vote and we'll show you coming up a little more later in the hour. back to you. lou: jo ling kent, thank you. >> thanks. >> joining us washington times online editor monica crowley
7:37 pm
and tony sayegh. both fox news contributors. start with the numbers, there everything jo ling was showing us, what surprised you most? >> i think the 40% of moderates going for donald trump. lou: me, too. >> that's a remarkable number right there. based on the polls going into the race that looked like ted cruz had a sturdy lead and based on what we're seeing for the exit numbers looks like ted cruz might be able to pull this out. if he does win, it will be a reset for the race, but then of course the race is coming in new york, rhode island, maryland, delaware, trump is leading by a lot. this might be a temporary reset but still a reset. lou: a reset, we're talking about 42 delegates if he gets them all, tony. i understand there's a lot of hyperbole and enthusiasm. optimism, surrounding this race, is this really that big a deal? >> yeah, the pathway to win is so narrow, 42 delegates does
7:38 pm
matter. here's another number to consider. over 350 delegates who are pledged to candidates no longer in this race, and ted cruz is working that crowd much more effectively and mechanically frankly than donald trump. so more than any one state left you have the unpledged delegates who are being courted in such a significant way. this is where cruz is beginning to pick up votes in louisiana, a state he lost. so every delegate does matter. lou: he is going to sue. come on, tony. he's going to sue. >> i've not seen the precedent, i'm not working yet, lou, there are rules. donald trump thinks they were created to somehow -- lou: don't you go all reince priebus on us, now! >> i'll tell you the truth. i think donald trump still gets close to 1237. lou: he has such a lead -- >> it's likely going to be his. reality is he's talking about the people having their voice and in wisconsin looks like their voice is going toward
7:39 pm
somebody other than him. lou: and it's interesting to see, the state seems content, there isn't the level of anger there's been in nearly every primary state thus far. it's as if wisconsin carved out a -- maybe it's the cheese. >> we can talk about the democrats in a second. wisconsin is the birth place of progressivism. it will be interesting to see by how much bernie sanders wins tonight. there is something interesting happening on the republican side. the field has narrowed to three candidates. now they're each phied fighting for their political lives and ted cruz most of all. tony is right on the delegate solution, people think they cast a vote, somebody wins the state and that's it. both parties have the absolutely incredible byzantine delegate rules and there was a u.s. senator in 2008 who understood the byzantine delegate rules and he won and is now the president of the united states. >> absolutely right. lou: do you remember the horror
7:40 pm
on the faces of hillary clinton's campaign team when they found out they had been messed over in iowa. that they walked into texas thinking they had taken care of business and everything was upside down for them. >> right, because barack obama's team understood caucuses and how to deal with those and the incredibly intricate delegate rules. lou: and while this history is fascinating and the context of course, what we have before us is a problem, it looks like, shaping up for hillary clinton, the democratic side. it's heavy turnout. the question is, is it heavier than the republican turnout in wisconsin. we're going to find out, obviously. right now it appears if so, sanders prevails. >> lou, bernie sanders is about to win six of the last seven democratic contests. he outfund raised hillary clinton by a significant margin in march, by about $20 million. the idea his candidacy
7:41 pm
mathematically doesn't have legs shows you what a rigged scenario there is with the super delegates on the democratic side and that's going to cause angjeer let me be certain i've heard you correctly. it's rigged on the democratic side but rules on the republican side? >> donald trump is winning on the republican side. lou: having a little fun with you and reince priebus and tony sayegh and the boys. >> thank you. lou: an innocent bystander in russia trying to avoid a collision. oh! it was the sign, the sign that said look out for trucks that hit the sign that hit him. he took the road sign to the head. they never tell us that they suffered serious injuries. we have only their word to take for it, it is russia, he is recovering from bruised pride. we can attest to that. up next, donald trump calling out an msnbc reporter.
7:42 pm
>> that's what i mean about the dishonest media. >> i'm asking you a question allowing to you answer it. >> excuse me. you're asking me about a show host and i said he was unfriendly territory, and you say is that wisconsin? that's so dishonest. no, no. you know what that's called? dishonest media. dishonest reporting. lou: we take up the mainstream liberal media's treatment of trump. next we'll talk with the host of media buzz, he knows where he speaks. howie kurtz joins us next. stay with us. we'll be right back.
7:43 pm
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. lou: a few "quinnipiac university poll" shows overwhelming majority of republicans support the views of a candidate like donald trump. 84% of republicans say public officials don't value their opinions. 85% say their ideology is under attack, and 89% believe america needs a powerful political leader who will save us from the problems we now face. joining us to sort it out, the host of media buzz on the fox news channel. great to have you here. this looks like an endorsement. we're talking huge numbers of people for donald trump. >> huge!
7:47 pm
and this is why there's been fertile ground in this election which most of the prognosticators missed of all the people out there who think that the system is rigged and think that the republican party doesn't hear them, supporting trump. the fertile ground not necessarily extending to wisconsin but the other states. lou: the role here of trump and his campaign staff that's getting bigger, we're told now, is to identify these voters with their message. it looks like in wisconsin as if they completely missed who they were talking to. >> yeah, i think that donald trump has had a couple of bad weeks and happened to coincide with the run-up to wisconsin where ted cruz has done well. what's happened is you have the trump campaign leaking this memo to the "washington post" saying it's the fault of idiotic media and the pathetic media. a lot of piling on by the media but trump has had a series of missteps. lou: even today, the "washington post" for crying
7:48 pm
out loud, trump comes in, has a plan, straightforwardly to pay for the wall, and by the way, it's a smart plan because if you look at it, the implication is you would treat mexico not pat earnistically but as a partner on the wall and both countries have the interest of preserving the sovereignty of the two nations and the derissive or dismissive, what do you think? >> this is exactly what donald trump needs to doing and the post reporting a series of policy speeches over the next couple of weeks. this is a pivot away from doing the twitter insults and putting up a picture of ted cruz's wife. lou: taken him a while. >> probably a couple weeks too late. a pivot he should have done two weeks ago, would be in a stronger position today. at the same time, the faith of trump's fans in this candidate has been practically unshakable.
7:49 pm
lou: and melania, outstanding on the stage with him. the family has sort of receded. his appeal, it's interesting, and is a little more diffused over the same period when he needed more support? >> when you take a step back, all the governors and senators dropped out of the race two, guys left, john kasich trailing far behind. one a billionaire outsider who never ran for anythings, and the other a first term senator who is not much liked by the washington establishment. no wonder the gop elders are up in arms. >> what do you make of this? you have cruz and trump locked up, mano-a-mano with all due respect to kasich. why don't they join forces as ed rollins suggested here and work out a deal? >> because each man wants to win, and it's hard to see with all the bad blood and you sniveling coward of them coming together any time soon. a lot of media chatter how this
7:50 pm
resets the race. 42 delegates, not that huge a haul. it could be a big win for cruz but donald trump is still far ahead. >> i remind everybody when they say that, about all of the words that have been exchanged. that hillary clinton, secretary of state deal and barack obama, talk about bad blood. >> politicians have a way of getting over the bad blood. lou: such magnificent people. they rise to the occasion, the goodness their hearts. >> if there is interest there. lou: a self-interest. howie, thanks for being here, and thanks for watching those media types. howie kurtz. to infinity and beyond, nasa released stunning time lapse footage that shows the international space station soaring over the horizon. city lights and lightning flashes illuminating the path of the station that orbits the earth every 19 minutes. a number of sunrises and sunsets reflected in the atmosphere in blue and orange
7:51 pm
tones. that was just pure poetry, and welcome relief, don't you think, from the harsh, harsh exposition of politics. up next, wisconsin lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch says you can't pigeon hole the wisconsin voter, but we're going to try, stay with us. >> we're a very, very independent minded state. people do research on the candidates and the phenomenon is this scott walker-barack obama voter. people will literally go to the polls and vote for candidates who are clearly policy polar opposites.
7:52 pm
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lou: just over an hour until the polls close in wisconsin. state officials expect about 40% of the eligible voters. this is the highest turnout for a presidential primary since 980. former governor of the state. just over an hour before your polls close, it look like to be an efficient handling of a record turnout. >> we are pretty excited. i was number 1055 just after
7:56 pm
4:00. turnout among my neighbors is over 50%. there is a line well out the door and out the building of my town hall. that's pretty exciting. lou: bernie sanders make much of the fact if there is heavy turnout, he benefits. does the senator have it right in wisconsin? >> could be. i don't know that bernie sanders would prevail in my polling place. lou: fanning it out across the state. >> bernie sanders is probably right. as you know, he has been polling up a little bit from hillary clinton. we have a lot of of high turnout calendar areas. and we have seen huge fans among the cleaningiate electorate. but we are looking for particular high turnout in what we call the wow counties in
7:57 pm
wisconsin. three southeastern counties that have been known for their high republican turnout. the high population areas our state we expect some gigantic turnout. and we are expecting thing outstate. our republican leaning voters. more independent. it will be interesting to find out how those numbers come in tonight. lou: exit polls show moderates, republicans, going 40% of them going for donald trump which is interesting, i think, to everyone. your state also introducing the voter i.d. requirements in your 8. does that appear to be going well with this new requirement for photo i am d., military, whatever the form of identification, driver'
7:58 pm
licenses? >> driver license, photo i am d., military i am d. it's going very, very smoothly. we had a previous elect and a test run before it got thrown into the court system. no problem we know of have been reported today. it was a smooth type the louisiana time around. i'm excited about what turnout means and what wisconsin result mean to the country. once again we are seeing wisconsin at the political epicenter. this time it's incredibly meaningful. you mentioned the moderate coming out, and 40% being trump voter. wisconsin is a very interesting electorate. we have an economy based largely on manufacturing and agriculture. so a lot of folk who would term themselves moderate or independent care have much about reevening of american jobs. so you have a candidate who has a populist mess and and i think
7:59 pm
you are seeing a lot of people respond to that. but i also think can will be is probably going to be the one who pulls out the victory because of these thee counties i mentioned. lou: these three county and governor scott walker is well respected for making the trains run on type, if i may. also it's important because i was curious, we got an updated unemployment rate, it's better than the national and. >> it has been for a very long time. it's great to have you with us. before we go here. you want to hazard a guess on the outcome of the democrat as well as the republicans? >> i'm going to guess it's going to be ted cruz tonight for republicans and i'm going to guess that bernie sanders ekes out a victory based on college turnout. we are expecting a huge record
8:00 pm
number of absentee votes and early votes. lou: lieutenant governor rebecca clay fish, good luck with those forecast. our elect coverage continues with my colleague neil cavuto. neil: think just one state. so it's all one state, so if you win wisconsin tonight you get a lot of attention and notoriety. if you lose it, you get a lot of attention and notoriety. if you are ted cruz and you pull think out in what is considered to be a donald trump strong point. if you are donald trump maybe not so much. if you are hillary clinton battling with a


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